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the la carrozza STORY


With our roots planted firmly in Southern Italy,

we aim to bring you traditional artisan pizzas

straight to wherever you are.

mixing passion with tradition

My name is Giuseppe, and I am the founder of La Carrozza.

I have always had pride in my Italian roots and

a passion for food, which is why I decided

to combine the two in 2018.

I trained to become a professional pizzaiolo (pizza chef)

right in the heart of Italian culinary excellence.

Soon after, I purchased my first portable woodfire oven

to finally realise my dream of bringing freshly made, traditional artisan pizzas to the public.

Now I spend my days serving as many people as possible

all over the UK - if you see me, come and say ciao!


Only the best ingredients

We believe the best pizzas don't happen by accident.

That's why we source quality ingredients for our pizzas, which are all extensively tried and tested

before being expertly crafted into our recipes.

From our deliciously ripened tomatoes,

to our fresh and juicy mozzarella -

we know you'll love the authentic taste of our pizzas. 

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